Social working: checking in, coping with burnout

Social work. Eventually you find your flow, you get into the motions. You do your best, you make mistakes, you seek supervision. But it no doubt catches up to you. It sneaks up during a session, or after you’ve disconnected for the day. And how could it not? This is heavy stuff we’re dealing with here, after all. Not to mention during a pandemic. So, … Continue reading Social working: checking in, coping with burnout

Podcast Recommendation- UNLOCKING US by Brenรฉ Brown

As much as I absolutely love a true crime podcast, I’m relatively new with dipping my toes into social work and mental health related pods. I’m sure plenty of us have heard of Brenรฉ Brown- professor, author, and Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work at University of Houston. I remember watching Brown’s TedTalk on vulnerability during my undergrad, so I was thrilled when … Continue reading Podcast Recommendation- UNLOCKING US by Brenรฉ Brown

Marsha P. Johnson Institute

A large part of being a social worker is being an advocate and an ally. I want to use this space to spotlight some organizations that are important to me as a social worker, and the Marsha P. Johnson Institution is one of them. A fiery, beautiful soul, Marsha P. Johnson (when asked about their gender, Marsha would say the P. stood for “pay it … Continue reading Marsha P. Johnson Institute

Mental Health Reads

As a licensed social worker and lifelong book worm, books on mental health have a special place in my heart. My relatively brief experience in social work is largely based in substance use and severe mental illness (schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and others), with the recent shift to family therapy with at-risk youth. Even in my time off, I’m always interested in brushing up on … Continue reading Mental Health Reads