Podcast Recommendation- UNLOCKING US by Brené Brown

As much as I absolutely love a true crime podcast, I’m relatively new with dipping my toes into social work and mental health related pods. I’m sure plenty of us have heard of Brené Brown- professor, author, and Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work at University of Houston. I remember watching Brown’s TedTalk on vulnerability during my undergrad, so I was thrilled when she recently released her podcast Unlocking Us (during a pandemic when we could all use a little mental health advice- even better!). Brown is prominent voice on vulnerability, empathy, leadership, and battling burnout. I think this is a great podcast for friends in the mental health or social work field, as well as anyone interested in a little life lesson and self-improvement! Brown also features some incredible guests on her show (Biden AND Dolly Parton??), is soothing to listen to, and is a breath of fresh air during these times of the unknown. Happy listening, and SSDGM!

Unlocking Us is available on Spotify and Brown’s website!

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